Chevrolet Aveo

March 30, 2009

Car lovers…zooming in the streets at top gear is so fun!! Just last week, I bought a chevy aveo, and I went for a long ride in it, which was just amazing. You will believe my words only if you drive it. Well, all those who have already given a test ride or own the chevy aveo will do agree with me. I took my family along to Rishikesh, and the whole journey was wonderful.

Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo

I change cars, almost once in every six months, as I love experimenting on various available brands. You can say I am a car crazy guy. I got it for INR 591,266…well this is the ex showroom price for Delhi. I compared the chevrolet aveo price as per models available. Price for the other models are INR 644,600 and INR 690,648 respectively….well that’s again the ex showroom aveo price for Delhi. I opted for the basic model, as the technical specifications, exterior looks, style, interiors, comfort, convenience, etc. are at par with other leading car brands. With 5 speed manual transmission, chrome radiator grill, flush wheel covers, tinted glasses, full fabric seats, and many other features, I thought I should own it. I went for a test drive with the chevy aveo, and then and there decided that that’s the car for me. Over the Internet, I browsed through other brands and given the price factor, I found the aveo price suiting my budget as well as features suiting my base parameters. Give a try. You will love it!!


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