Chevrolet in India is a remarkable Car Manufacturing Company

May 3, 2009
Chevrolet India

Chevrolet India

Chevrolet is one such car manufacturing company that presents excellent features with durable performance in all its car models. Be it a small segment car or a luxury sedan or an SUV, you have the chance to explore the brilliance of Chevrolet India. It is a brand name that is registered under its parent company, General Motors. This brand name came into being by an experiment at the Detroit garage by William Durant and Louis Chevrolet. The latter designed a car for the public appearance with his surname as the brand name. Since then, Chevrolet brand has manufactured a lot of cars with excellent inputs in them. From small-sized car to middle level, SUV and luxury, Chevrolet has manufactured cars for every individual.

Chevrolet came to India in 1928 and established their first office in Mumbai. It was the first car manufacturing company to set up an assembly plant in Sewree, Greater Mumbai. Chevrolet in India became as one of the most renowned and trustworthy car manufacturing company. From time to time, it has adopted latest and advanced technologies in the car models to suit the increasing demands of the car enthusiasts. If you are willing to check out the information about this brand name and its parent company; then, Chevrolet India website is extremely helpful for you. Apart from this information, you can also see the details of their car models and the related specifications. In fact, one can also book their favorite model through this website, on not having time to visit showroom.



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