Detailed Description of Chevrolet Cars

April 23, 2010

While doing an online search for new cars in India, I came across several car portals including the GM India Corporate Site. And I visited the GM site besides two more car portals. I wanted a hatchback in between the Rs. 3.50 lakh to Rs. 4. 50 lakh category. I have seen the Chevrolet Beat on road and was quite impressed by the exterior looks. It does carry a style statement of its own. The GM India corporate site carries detailed description with images about each of the Chevrolet cars. Another car in the category of new cars in India that caught my attention was the Chevrolet Cruze. I liked the sedan as well but it was out of my budget. May be in the future when I have enough funds, I can buy it.

I want a car, a mid size car that can be easily parked, move well in congested roads, and that which takes me to office everyday without complaints. I have seen one of my colleagues, coming frustrated almost once in every week because of the breaking down of his car. Ultimately he had to sell off his car to buy a new one. I don’t want the same to happen with me. Well, I looked for other new cars in India for the extra facilities offered or the warranty covered. And at last it is GM that I opted – the Chevrolet Beat. It comes with a warranty of 100,000 km or three years, whichever is earlier.


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