Specialty of the Tavera Neo

July 31, 2010

When it comes to MUVs, it is the Tavera that is ruling the roost in the Indian market. In a traffic jam or when you are zooming in the roads, your eyes will always fall on several Tavera cars carrying office staff or just family people or tourists. If it is so popular, obviously, it will be excellent in all the factors right from price, fuel efficiency, handling, engine capacity, performance, etc. And after I saw the Tavera Neo, I am all geared up to buy it. I immediately sent a request for a test drive of the Tavera Neo at chevrolet.co.in after reading all the features.

The forte about Tavera Neo is its powerful turbo charged robust 2.5L diesel engine with five speed manual transmission; you can expect delivery of power of 80PS. Maximum torque delivered is 19kgm per 1800 rpm. And it gives an overall mileage of 14.3 kmpl. All four variants of the Tavera Neo are available in seven different exciting colors.

The Tavera price falls in between Rs 5,92,691 – Rs 7,33,174 as per ex-showroom Delhi. And the Tavera price for Neo falls in the range of Rs 7,32,840 – Rs 9,84,332 as per same ex-showroom.


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